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Through use of aromatherapy, massage and Reflexology I can help you with many common pregnancy ailments. Such as sickness, anxiety, insomnia, pelvic pain, preparing for birth, post due date and breech presentation. As a midwife I am also able to offer you my knowledge and experience to empower you through your journey.

All treatments include an initial consultation to ensure that the treatments are appropriate to use in your pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage- 60mins/£75

Back, Neck and shoulders- 45mins/£60

Lower leg and foot- 30mins/£30

Appointments  include personalized aromatherapy blend


Post-Due Dates package

Overdue? Labour not starting? Available from 40 weeks gestation, this package consists of 3 treatments, involving aromatherapy massage and use of acupressure points. Aiming to start labour naturally, through releasing oxytocin in the body.

You will be provided with your own personal blend to take home, alongside this you will be taught specific acupressure points to use.

75 mins x 3/£200

75 mins x 1/£75

Don't worry if you have the baby before the end of the package, I can provide a  postnatal treatment in the first 8 weeks following delivery


Reflex Zone Therapy

This treatment uses a type of reflexology to  soothe you into a deep relaxing state. It also has the added benefit of being tailored to treat any common pregnancy ailments you may have 

Relaxation treatment 60 mins/£60

Treatment for pregnancy symptoms 70mins/£70



Birth Preparation package

This package consists of 4 relaxation treatments from 37 weeks to help you prepare and relax in those last few weeks of pregnancy. As well as the  treatments, I can help you too navigate your birth plans, understand labour and teach acupressure points for you too use at home.

75 mins x 4/£270

Herbal Tea

Pregnancy Sickness Package

Whilst many women experience pregnancy sickness in the first trimester, nausea and vomiting can continue throughout and its a myth its just in the mornings. This package aims to help you reduce the effects that are occurring in  your pregnancy so that you can continue with your daily routines. This is offered as a package as stand alone treatments usually have minimal benefits.

60mins x 3/£160

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Moxibustion for Breech

Is your baby upside down (breech)? Would you like to try to avoid medical intervention. I can teach yourself and your birthing partner a traditional Chinese therapy to encourage your baby to turn. Once taught you will continue this therapy at home with the moxa sticks provided. Each treatment includes a relaxation treatment for the women and a follow up phone consultation.


Reading Glasses on Book

Antenatal education

Have some questions you would like answered by a midwife? Routine antenatal appointments not leaving enough time to talk? I can offer one-to-one antenatal education for yourselves and your birthing partner if you wish. Each appointment will be tailored made to your own specific needs. The beauty about this is that it can be face to face or online.


Acupressure Neck Massage

Relaxation Package

Tailor made relaxation packages are available on request. Three treatments of your choice available. Price dependent on choice of relaxation treatment.

Please enquire for further information


Postnatal Treatments

Now your bundle of joy has arrived! Physical and emotional changes are happening and your body rebalancing. Treat yourself to some relaxation leave feeling refreshed.

Full body massage- 60mins/£75

Back, Neck and shoulders- 45mins/£60

Lower leg and foot- 30mins/£30

Reflex Zone Therapy- 60mins/£60

You are welcome to bring baby however due to safety, essential oils will not be used if baby is present, a blend can be provided for home use.

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